Rancho San Vicente

When I think about Spring, I think about wildflowers. The month-plus long blooming season is a great time here in the area. Almost all surrounding mountains have places where to find patches with flowers. Two years in a row we drove to Calero County Park. And this year, I wanted to do it again. On…

Big Sur: Spring

Recently I read the travel magazine where 3 of 5 California resident named Big Sur as the best option for the road trip or camping. And I cannot say otherwise. We hardly have a year when we didn’t visit the ragged shores. It so secluded and impressive that I always return with hundreds of shots….

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve

There are the days when you understands that the season ends. It was the same day. Green California Spring has finished. Now the days will be longer and hotter. But today I will talk about last Spring Hills hike. The Brushy Peak is right over the Livermore Valley.

Sunol Wilderness

It’s impossible to describe how I’m in love with this year Spring. Incredible wildflowers bloom cannot stop to impress me more and more! Sunol is one of the very popular places in the East Bay. Winter is the good season to visit Little Yosemite, Fall brings yellow colors and acorns to the oak covered hills,…

Calero County Park Spring Hike

Hello-hello Spring! It’s nice to see you again 🙂 I love this season: green hills, full streams, and the carpet of wildflowers. Bay area has a decent selection of parks to check this beauty. Eastern slopes of the Santa Cruz mountains, Diablo range, and Gabriel range on the south. We hiked at Henry Coe State…