Christmas decorations

As a big kid, I love all things related to the Christmas. And my favorite tradition is creating handmade decorations.
Christmas 2015
This year we first bought a Christmas tree, and I wanted to make it look like the tree from my childhood.
I bought clear decorations at Michaels, acryl paints and tinsels and sequins. There the work started!
Most of all I like self-painted small houses. They are so fancy!
Christmas 2015Christmas 2015Christmas 2015Christmas 2015
I bought one “M” and one “E” wood letters. I had a few ideas in my mind but stopped on the plaid pattern.
Christmas 2015Christmas 2015
Balls painted with acrylics with a Christmas ornaments. Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015Christmas 2015
Wooden tags.Christmas 2015Christmas 2015
And some other decorations.
Christmas 2015Christmas 2015Christmas 2015
My beautiful tree
Christmas 2015


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