Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

We visited Grand Sand Dunes on the cold December day. It was a week into the government shutdown and day five of our Christmas vacations. Honestly, I had too many emotions during this time: closed sites and parks, cancellation, day to day hotels rebooking. Yes, now it’s only a memory. But this period changed my…

Winter adventures in Jemez National Forest

It happened that on Christmas vacations we spent three days in Albuquerque. The shutdown closed the parks and monuments, winter storm threatened to close roads in the mountain, and Albuquerque wasn’t the worst place to be. These three days were the test of my planning skills. I rebooked hotel, changed routes and planned stops on…

Bear Lakes Loop Hike

When Labor Day weekend didn’t joice us with snow I wished by the mid January should the Lost Sierra will become a winter paradise. But. The 2016-2017 winter was everything but snowy. I wanted to go snowshoeing Lakes Basin’s Bear Lakes. When we stopped at the trailhead it was covered with the ice. A thin…

Bayview Trail Hike

Somewhere earlier this year I booked the yurt at Fallen Leaf Campground for the end of September. I was soooo happy to spend a night near the Tahoe at the beginning of the Fall. The weather promised to be cool but not cold. And I found a great trail we never hiked previously.

Mount Rainer National Park

Rainer is an active stratovolcano that erupted last time in 1854. Some told that if it erupts again, it could threaten Seattle and cause tsunamis in Puget Sound. The Native Americans called it Tahoma, or Tacoma – “mother of the waters.” The name Rainer was given by George Vancouver in honor of Admiral Peter Rainer….

White Christmas at Plumas National Forest

I could recall all snowy Christmas I had last ten years. Only 3. And the last one was in 2016. My inner child always awaits the miracle of white snowflakes slowly falling onto the ground and trees… And I’m catching them. Snow as the part of the Christmas tradition is vital (though not critically :))…

Winter Lake Tahoe

Snow is the magical thing. When it covers the ground, you could not stop to be cheerful and happy and festive!