Valley of Fire State Park

So what to start with? I’m not a fan of Las Vegas. Not even a little. But the area around it – mmm, so beautiful. Valley of Fire is one of them. The vast part has all the features that make high desert places interesting: colorful rocks, arches, sunsets. The Valley of Fire first appeared…

Las Vegas Neon Museum

I still remember how harder was to search for the great places without Instagram. No, really. Few years ago there were less great resources. Even Google Maps has less photos and 3D Views. Now, I have too many pins and saves. After four years in California, I could easily name the most popular places by…

Great Basin National Park

It was September 2016 when we headed to Utah through Nevada. Before this trip, I thought that Nevada is limited with Tahoe, Las Vegas and some red rocks on the south. That it’s only a big, hot, and dusty desert. Truth to be told I planned to stop at Great Basin NP for this trip….

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The last year trip to Utah is still one of the biggest memories. It left so many places where we want to come back and so many places where that we want to visit. But there was one place that I forgot to show. We headed back to California with the overnight stay in Las…

Winter Lake Tahoe

Snow is the magical thing. When it covers the ground, you could not stop to be cheerful and happy and festive!