Bear Ranch Creek Falls


I recently got the idea to collect the unique places that no one knows about. And I know when this came on me.
I bought the subscription on It’s one of the most useful resources on falls all over the west coast. The beauty is that it has a lot of coordinates and routes to the less known waterfalls that are equally marvelous.
And one of them we visited. I honestly searched for one that has obvious trails and close to the well-maintained roads.
I never expected to see such beauty. At first, way looked abandoned, and I would be scary to walk here at dusk. When we heard the rushing water but didn’t see the waterfall. And after few steps, the sight of the falls stopped me.
I think the falls aren’t good visible during the warm months. The trees and bushes would close the main flow of it. But January left the sight open. And it was impressive.


After some scrambling up the hill you can get to the flat surface with overlook on the top tier.

01.15. Bear Ranch Creek Falls


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