Sea arch

11.04. Pismo Beach

When first I saw the photo of this place I knew I wanted to see it with my own eyes. The high stone arch washed with salty waves and surrounded by the California rocky shore.
The problem was that the photo had no location tag.
In some time I see the place on Instagram again. It was a great photo. And, it had the location tag – but somehow just a region. The region too wast to find there an exact spot.
And I started my research then. It happened that one of the photographers who I followed had this place on his Instagram feed. And the description finally told me why no one shares the exact location.
California becomes the touristic trap. There so many places where you are constantly surrounded by the crowds. Humans can’t make nature more beautiful, but most of the time they spoil it with their trash, they left trails, they misplace rocks to form pyramids for their photos. They broke. The unique place with stunning beauty changes forever.
That’s why some places are shared only among locals, or even small group of people. And they tend not to distribute their knowledge to anyone else. One can say it selfishly. But I must say – I agree with this approach.
Long story short – I found the location of the place. And yet, I will not tell nor where it is, nor how I did it. I will share the photos with you.

11.04. Pismo Beach
11.04. Pismo Beach

11.04. Pismo Beach
11.04. Pismo Beach

11.04. Pismo Beach
11.04. Pismo Beach

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