Zion National Park

I worried the most about that day. Zion is the most visited park in the region. They even had record number during Labor day. Oh, and you cannot drive through Zion Canyon Road by yourself during the season 🙁

Bryce Canyon National Park

The Bryce Canyon. From the first time I saw it, I knew I fell in love with this place. I remember when I saw the snowy photo on the Facebook page of my colleague. I stared at the monitor for five minutes in a row. I already experienced the strong feeling of nature inspired wow….

Capitol Reef National Park

So the third Utah National Park is less popular than other four. And it’s difficult to say for what reason. I cannot say that there was a lot of wow effect places. But I definitely found a lot of interesting.

Canyonlands and Dead Horse

What a strange name – Dead Horse! Yeah, I also thought about this all that day. But let me start from the beginning.

Arches National Park

We had amazing nine days of vacations in Utah and Nevada: sunny, full of adventures, nature wonders, and, of course, memories. I planned this trip for a long half year, read a lot. And by the beginning of the Summer, I had the biggest problem: how to include all these breathtaking Utah places. So the…