Crissy Field Hi! My name is Mila. This blog is the another attempt to organize my mind in a fancy way 😉
I was born in the small Eastern Europe town. My hometown is Brest in Belarus. I wish someday you will read about it in my blog.
In Spring 2014, I moved to work as quality assurance manager into San Francisco Bay Area. Since then I live in the East Bay with my fiance. Eugene also grew up in Brest; we studied in the same university, and there we met up.
I love outdoors. I would like to spend all my free time hiking, swimming or viewing of the wild. I’m very happy that California has the plenty of opportunities for me.
Another side of me is the very artistic. I’m the amateur artist: I draw a lot, love watercolors and color pencils, vector graphics and photography. I wish one day to have my personal exhibition 😉
I’m very traditional: my father if Russian-German and I’m trying to respect some of his traditions, and at the same time follow traditions of my Russian mama and traditions of my homeland. That’s why you’ll see a lot of food, and customs. Oh, and I love to cook!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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