Febs Febs

This strange cold winter is over. Finally. It was the biggest hit on me since 2014? Or 2010? I’m looking into Spring with fresh ideas and hopes that everything will be good. But February was definitely better than last 4 or 5 months in a row. Ah, I wish it wasn’t because it was shorter 🙂
02.26. Crepes Breakfast
I could name February 2017 as the month of return to great memories. And even more, rain than anyone expected.
The very wet January came into the very wet February. But what was even sadder I could count on one hand how many were non-rainy weekends.
The harsh winter broke the cement ship on Seacliff Beach and pier got himself closed. So it was a rainy day
02.04. Seacliff State Beach
I continued my walks in Botanical Gardens with Santa Cruz University Arboretum. 02.04. Santa Cruz Arboretum
And it was rainy that day.
Overcasted Golden Gate from the Fort Point 02.05. San Francisco – rainy!
But sunny Saturday on San Pedro Headlands 02.11. Pedro Point Headlands and Pigeon Point area on warm Sunday 02.12. Gazos Creek Beach
But the next weekend became the wettest for the whole state. This destructive rain in Los Angeles almost washed city away. And what it did in San Jose… We spent that long Presidents Day weekend in Eastern Sierras. I though it’s impossible to have the storm in that area. If I haven’t seen it with my eyes, I would not believe in it in any circumstances!
We finally checked Red Rock Canyon State Park (I need to write the post on it)
02.18. Red Rock canyon State Park
Impressing Trona Pinnacles and long road to them through mud and desert
02.18. Trona Pinnacles
And new views of Death Valley
02.19. Death Valley, Natural Bridge
And of course my favorite Alabama Hills
02.19. Alabama Hills
The one more sunny day on Point Bonita.02.25. Point Bonita And the Drone day in Davenport with great sunset 02.26. Drone footage - Davenport And rain after the dark.
I guess total 3.5 sunny days? 🙂
It wasn’t a great cooking month – of course, veggies, salmon, and cheat days with a lot of fries and fried eggs. I finally got the round white tray. And celebrate it with crepes with chamomile sauce and citrus and mangoes. The very basic crepes but after the long month of almost 0 bread and gluten diet they felt sooo good.
02.26. Crepes Breakfast
Two goals were failed. With 20 pages read in total, I’m one book late on my reading goal. And of course, I haven’t completed my watercolor.
I have big plans in March. With the first camping of the year, more hikes, reading and painting, I hope I will feel myself healthier.
I believe I will try to post frequently. And run at least once a week. But if it would be the same cold as the previous one, I could fail it 🙂

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