Long (Cold) Summer

I know I know! It’s a Mid September. But on the Bay, it’s still a summer 🙂
I’m reviewing my blogging time to time whether I still need it. Sometimes I want to quit with it; sometimes something tells me that I need it even more than before. But anyway I started to notice that I lost almost all free time recently and that I’m so tired at the end of the day to do even simple things.
So let me be clear it was a crazy kind of the Summer. Trips after trips, early morning meetings, dramatical changes, hopes, and expectations, new people, and frustration.
08.28. Sunset State Beach
Workload of the last four months and pressure were so high. And they didn’t decrease. I was tired before the September that our vacation week was a deal.
Though I happy it was one of the adventurous summers in life.

  1. May – Whiskeytown and Redding
  2. May – Boston, MA (post #1, post #2) and Cape Cod (I hope I finish the post soon)
  3. June – Pacific Surfliner train ride from San Jose to Los Angeles. A lot of emotion and stunning sunset
  4. June – Avalon Trip (hike, hike, town)
  5. June – Carmel BD trip
  6. July – Castle Craggs and South Oregon Coast (falls, coast road trip)
  7. August – San Diego
  8. Labor Day Weekend Vacations – Lake Tahoe to Nevada: Great Basin to Utah National Parks to Nevada: Red Rock Canyon

Amazing local hikes

Oh, how many times I skipped posts 😦
And of course, what a coastal Summer without beach trips?


May was inspiring: bright sky, long days, stunning sunset and warm weather. Though I still can’t believe that it was maybe the warmest month this season (but I still believe in September, my sweet Bay Summer Month). What really happened?
When I came back from Boston, I wanted to see Pacific badly! So I drove to my favorite beach. I took a chair from the car and a book, walk down to the ocean.
Hm, it was early enough, so I felt I needed to wait for the sky to clear. And. I froze in 30 mins! Wind and fog and the low stormy sky did all to make sure I wrapped myself in the blanket.
Last year we got 2 of 5 foggy days on the Santa Cruz beaches. This time 4 of 5, I guess. Okay, no complaints. There is always a sunny spot on Central Coast: if not near Davenport than Watsonville or nearby beaches will be glad to soak you in a sun. But even in the very sunny days wind reminded you to wear a jacket.
Flowers saved my mood 🙂



Another Bday 🙂 Nothing to share about it 🙂 Eugene returned right on that day and I spent half of it at SFO on arrivals
06.25. Birthday Cake


The part that makes me sad the most is the number of days I draw. This summer gave only two finished pieces. And only one of them I liked.
May 2016. Kate+Alex, watercolor
When I finished Kate+Alex, I realized how much I need to start practicing again.
And only in July I returned back to my brushes.
Shark Fin Cove Watercolor. Progress
I gave myself a plenty of time, I didn’t push myself. And in a week I was happy with what I did.
Shark Fin Cove. Watercolor, July 2016
The only excuse I have this time, I read a lot. Like really a lot.

  1. The Magicians: A Novel
  2. The Magician King
  3. The Magician’s Land – I was impressed with TV Series. Eugene hated them but for me they were something. What a surprise was that books are the way more soft, kind, and light
  4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – This one was started as soon as I saw the trailer of upcoming movie. Two more books are in the my list.
  5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two – The biggest expectation of the season. Though it wasn’t so impressing as I expected.
  6. The Book Thief – This booked lived in my home collection from my first week in US. And I happy I read it. I cried in the end.


When Eugene went to Europe in the May-June, I noticed that I skip cooking and planning. It was easy to go and eat outside than to do something just for one person 🙂 Sandwich or toast early in the morning is far better than 1+ hours baked dish with eggs and veggies. Maybe, it was the reason why I have so many pinned and saved toast recipes in my lists.
05.14. Goat Cheese Toast with Pear and Honey
I glad that I get rid off this habit after Eugene return 🙂
I could say it was berry summer with a fishy-beefy days. Worse to mentioned here:

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