April Food

What is wrong with me? Organized part of my life totally went out of schedule this month. I cannot say what the main reason was. Maybe workload, or maybe it was a Spring
04.23. Lemon Pudding Cake
It was a good month. We went to Mendocino in the beginning, we hiked a lot (not so many as I wished), I run almost three times per week (oh the cold pushed me back to the bed for nearly two days 😦 ), I didn’t draw (almost). But somehow this month was the most positive from the previous three
Cooking was in the same way as all my non-work activities. I cooked but less and without experiments
What I found this month a vegetarian spinach-potato fritters which tasted good with ding coleslaw 04.09. Spinach Potato Fritters with Ding's Coleslaw
One more Dutch Baby, this time, savory with cheese and bacon 04.10. Savory Dutch baby
Of course a lot of fish with veggies
04.16. Baked Fish with potatoes and spring onions
04.23. Brolied Salmon with Scallions
04.30. Orange Glazed Salmon With Rosemary
Totally lazy spring hash-brown breakfast 04.17. Spring Hash-brown with eggs and bacon
From childhood time in the village I remember taste of radish, cucumber, and baked chicken croquettes 04.24. Chicken croquetes with radish-cucumber salad
And the sweetest of the month sweets was Lemon Pudding Cake04.23. Lemon Pudding Cake
May promises to be the busiest month: this weekend we drive to the mountains. Then on May 12 I send Eugene off to the business trip in Europe for two weeks, and after it, he will visit hometown for another two weeks (how I’ll be without him for so long!). On May 15 I’m flying to the business trip and San Diego. And of course, memorial day self-trip to Boston

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