March Food

I’m trying to find correct wording to describe what March was about. And I cannot. I’m glad it came with rain and spring blossom. I’m glad it was calm and grey sometimes. The only thing I missed this month was a sun. It’s easy to forget what a pleasure the sun is when you are living in California. Sunny days become obvious. And only such rainy spring weeks remain you about the importance of being under the soft touch of the sun.
03.26. Easter Flowers
There is one Slavic tradition that I love the most. Each Spring we are celebrating Maslenitza. The celebration of the end of the Winter and the beginning of the Spring includes the week of actions.
03.12. Ranunculus
The biggest part of the tradition is the food. We used to cook bliny – thin pancakes with fillings and simple crepe-like with a caviar, jam or butter (Russian maslo – the root of the name Maslenitza)
The last Sunday of the week is named Maslenitza Seeing-Off (Provody Maslenitzy). On this day, peoples are used to playing different games and entertains. This usually includes playing snowballs (in the case when there is snow), dances, singing. I remember one crazy-looking as for me custom. Men are trying to climb a tall greased pole and get a present attached to the top. The craziest part is that you should be almost naked! Ha-ha 🙂
And all these things are finished with burning scarecrow which symbolises Winter.
Of course, I like this week mostly because of pancakes. I cooked them twice in March. The first time I did the chocolate pancakes and filled them with ricotta and bananas.
03.05. Chocolate crepes with banana and cheese cream
03.05. Chocolate crepes with banana and cheese cream
The next weekend I did classic crepes with a ricotta creme and strawberries.
03.12. Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Crepes
03.12. Strawberry Lemon Ricotta Crepes
Rainy morning made me want warm breakfasts. And I did them
Eggs with turkey sausages with pears
03.13. Cilantro Pear Turkey Sausage
Or Roasted Salmon with potatoes
03.13. Roasted Salmon with Potatoes and Herbed Creme Fraiche
My favorite savory breakfast pan
03.19. Savory Breakfast Pan
And tender cheesy grits with poached eggs
03.20. Cheesy Grits with poached eggs, greens and bacon
Or the very fast and simple sandwich with eggs and baked potatoes
03.26. Easter Saturday
But I love March the most because of Easter. I don’t know if someone else is so happy to spend hours making dough for a classical Easter bread as me 🙂
03.26. Easter Flowers
Here I found the similar recipe to the one we cooked in my childhood. I divide all in three steps. The first phase includes dissolving east with milk and flour and overnight wait. Second is the most intense with sugar, raisins, vanilla orange zest, long kneading. And again half of the day of waiting. And the third – it was the most exciting part as for me – the creation of braids, bunnies, and big loafs.
03.27. Easter Bread and Eggs
I did few braids, bunnies, and failed this time with birds (I need to call to mind how to form dough properly).
03.27. Easter Bread and Eggs
And of course, color eggs. I always hated chemical coloring. Mom did it with onion, granny – with beet. I did small experiment this time with blackberries and black tea, which got me a nice cement-looking dark violet color
03.27. Easter Bread and Eggs

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