January Food

The month for comfort food. The month after holidays. The month to start a new year. It’s hard to say that it was a mere month for me: with only two weeks spent at home, I cooked a less but still had a chance to try few new recipes.
01.01. Savory winter bowl
We fell in love with all kinds of bowls. I cooked one more time Savory Winter Bowl, based on the same recipe which I prepared in December.
01.01. Savory winter bowl
One day we started with green beans wrapped in bacon with herbed cherry tomatoes from here
01.02. Bakon Wrapped Green Beans with Herb Roasted Tomatoes01.02. Bakon Wrapped Green Beans with Herb Roasted Tomatoes
This spice rice was awesome!
01.03. Spice rice with vegetables01.03. Spice rice with vegetables
Almost oriental pasta with sweet green peas, beef, and mushrooms was also one of the new recipes. I do not recall what was the source of inspiration though I will enjoy cooking this one more time
01.09. Pasta with beef and veggies
01.09. Pasta with beef and veggies
I tried few healthy dishes this month. One of them is chicken breast with tomato salsa based on this recipe.
01.10. Chicken with tomato Salsa01.10. Chicken with tomato Salsa
This roasted chicken with sweet Brussels sprouts was also amazing. I cooked sprouts as described here.
01.24. Chicken with Brussel Sprouts
And what would be the month without fish days?
I did salmon based on bonappetit.com recipe
01.23. Salmon with Potatoes01.23. Salmon with Potatoes
And I did my favorite “orange” fish with tomatoes, carrots, onions and dozen of herbs and spices. My mom cooked almost the same dish for me in childhood.
01.25. Fish in Orange Water
Notable that I cooked more porridge this month. First, I always wanted to cook this baked vegan oatmeal.
01.25. Baked Coconut Oatmeal
And almost at the end of the month, I found this awesome recipe. I did original version with apples.
01.26. Vanilla Poridge with Honeyed Apples
And then did few variations: with blueberries, jam, and maple syrup .
01.28. Milk Porridge with Blueberries

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