Thanksgiving menu

Holla-holla! Did I tell that I love planning the most? Ha 🙂 I am thinking about Thanksgiving holidays and can’t wait for them! We will spend all four days in Tahoe region: playing in the snow, hiking, playing and warming by the fireplace.
Last year we did almost the same. We stayed at the Basecamp Hotel, did few very scenic walks. Unfortunately, there was no snow until the last day. The only concern about that vacations was our Thanksgiving lunch. I hate to eat at the restaurants on the big holidays. I love to sit near the table with homemade food with family and friends. That year we bought already cooked turkey at the Safeway. Oh, it was a disaster! I don’t recall the name of the town where we did it, but from that date I promised myself to think in advance.
I did research this year what could be easily taken and warmed in the microwave. First of all turkey! I like this recipe from Bon AppetitBrined Roast Turkey Breast with Confit Legs Recipe
I also think about this recipe from Real Simple. It has 3 rating, but I love thyme taste and would like to check it out with turkey legs.
Mashed potatoes will not work for me. So I think about plain rice and cabbage salad. Eugene loves cabbage in all forms. I love salads. 🙂
Usually, I did version of salad similar to the recipe from Detoxinista
Sweet sesame lime cabbage salad

I will add two kinds of cabbage: red and green. Maybe I will add raisins, cranberries and apples. And replace onion with leek. Dressing is amazing in this original recipe!
Of course mulled wine. Did you try to do it in the microwave? I will experiment. I found few recipes: one on and one from I’m still afraid to do it, but nothing could be better on a cold November night that cup of mulled red wine.
We will skip dessert to a chamomile tea. But we will have some sweets after snow games. I will take a jar of quick hot chocolate mix. Powdered milk, cocoa powder and small pieces of dark chocolate with brown sugar, cardamon and cinnamon. And of course, cookies! I found this oatmeal cookies recipe Oatmeal Raisin Cranberry Cookies recipes
and can’t wait to try to make them.

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