Fall ToDo list

I grow up in a small Eastern Europe town. And fall for us was one of the fabulous time. Time to gather apples and pears. Time for the bright and last flowers. Time to search mushrooms. Time to collect orange, red and gold leaves.
I remember long cold nights when everyone was at home. Smell of apple pies. Sound of frying dranniki. I grew up in Belarus and dranniki was traditional food. Small potato pancakes is one of the first dish made from the last crop of potatoes. Usually they were served with smelly bacon and mushrooms with sour cream or butter.
Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

When I moved in California first things I started to miss was yeahhhh…. it was fall season and rains 🙂
I still feeling myself like person from eastern Europe. That’s why I’m waiting for wool sweaters season, for season of rain boots and for the brightest colors of the season.
No one could steal my fall mood. And my TODO list. This year I would like

  • Apple pick up. We already visited Gizdich ranch this September to get basket of Golden Delicious. But I want to do it one more time in the beginning of November.
  • Pumpkin patch and hay maze. We visited Arata Farms on previous weekend and I hope I will not forget to post few photos 🙂
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Apple pies!
  • Cook a dozen of pretzel and do home apple cider
  • Of course, dranniki, like in childhood with mushrooms and bacon
  • Find recipe of apple jam and make few jars
  • Few autumn hikes. Even if it sounds like impossible, I know that in the beginning of November even near Silicon valley there is a few spots of golden leaves. Last year we hiked near Bake Grist Mill and I saw few golden leaves 🙂 Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park I think that Jack London State Park this year will bring some reds of wine yards
  • Walk in the park. Definitely, GG Park is a must do. But also I want to spent Saturday in Tilden. Who knows
  • Decorate home for Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Try a new recipe for pumpkin latte
  • Paint fall related piece
  • Buy a rain boots
  • And walk in them on the beach (in case we will not get rains before December)
  • Buy present for Eugene, send Alesia small package with gifts and of course, Kate needs her birthday present
  • November 24th is my father birthday. How I wish to be with him, to make a chocolate cake and give him something for fishing… But this year it will be a Skype call, Amazon shopping for Echo Sounder, and day of memories about time with papa. Please, do not cry. You will see him in January!
  • Buy tickets for January trip to home and back
  • And take a lot of fun!

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